A Phenomenal Fort Lauderdale Photographer: Marina Rybalka Photography!

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Photographer Marina Rybalka

When it comes to Fort Lauderdale photography, there’s a whole lot of average, and it’s easy to make the wrong choice. With Marina we very quickly realized that her work was some of the best we’d seen before. We were amazed over her portfolio and hoped that we’d get something even half as good as the other photos that she took! When it was all said and done, we weren’t disappointed at all – the shots we got back were insanely good!

We met Marina at sunrise on Fort Lauderdale beach in the wee hours of the morning! (6:45 am!) Despite it being so early, Marina was so energized and kind – suggesting good local spots to take photos and giving us a sense of her background as a former Californian.

We felt that Marina really made the effort to get to know us and ensured that the photos of our Fort Lauderdale reflected our personalities which offered a really nice personal touch and even after searching tirelessly for a Fort Lauderdale photographer we finally found what we were looking for in Marina.

Her work stood out by a mile and we knew instantly that we had to work with her! All our memories from the Fort Lauderdale day have been captured perfectly from start to finish. Marina’s unique use of light and gorgeous tones make our Fort Lauderdale photos look like a beautifully shot movie.

She directed us around perfectly and blended into the background, managing to capture every single special moment! We’re actually convinced Marina may have 5 or 6 identical sisters, as we don’t know how one person managed to take pictures of every little detail and moment of our day! If you’re thinking of using Marina for any photography, I would 100% urge you to book her!

Don’t hesitate – choose Marina as your photographer!

We had the honor of Marina at our Fort Lauderdale and she is incredible. From the beautiful sunrise shoot at the beach to our shoot at at Las Olsas Blvd in Fort Lauderdale, Marina had a special eye at all of the destinations she took us to and took magical photos with style!

The photos tell the story and bring back every feeling from our Fort Lauderdale day and we look at them feeling laughter. Marina is truly talented and captured everything and we will treasure these forever. Thank you Marina!

Photographer Marina Rybalka

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