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The Best Travel Blogs of 2018

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These days, there are so many amazing travel blogs to choose from! They range in terms of content and are a terrific resource providing wonderful ideas, insight & advice on adventure travel, budget travel, luxury travel,  LGBT travel, travel ideas for those who are deaf and have disabilities etc.

If you’re interested in some amazing content and awesome travel bloggers, check the directory below for a complete list (in alphabetical order from A-Z)! Happy reading and traveling! – Travel To The Next

— A —

Absolutely Lucy – Adventure Seeker, From Backpacking to Luxury Treats
Active Planet Travels – Traveling the World
The Adventure Junkies – Don’t Dream It, Live It
Adventure Mom – Adventure Travel and Lifestyle
Adventure on Yall – Honest Opinions Helping People Plan Vacations
Adventurous Kate – Solo Female Travel Blog
Adventures Around Asia – Travel & Expat Lifestyle Blog
Against The Compass – Off The Beaten Path Travel Blog
Alex in Wanderland – Working & Playing Around the World
Alexandra Luella – For the Love of Writing and Story Hunting
Alison’s Adventures – Your Passport To The World
Along Dusty Roads– Guides, Photography, Travel
Always Wanderlust – Eat, Sleep, Travel, Repeat
Amateur Traveler – The Best Places to Travel
American Travel Blogger – An American Exploring the World
Am I Nearly There Yet – Travel Inspiration, Photography, and Advice
Angie Away – Travel the World with the Girl Next Door
Anna Everywhere – Chic Adventure Travel Blog. Travel with Purpose
Around the World in Katy Days – Environmentalist Adventuring on a Budget
Around the World in KT Days – Helping You Actively Explore the World
Around the World “L” – Learning & Loving Global Education
Art Travel Repeat – Travel Tips, Stories & Inspiration
Art of Non-Conformity – Unconventional Strategies for Life/Work/Travel
Aussie on the Road – In Search of a Life Less Ordinary
The Aussie Flashpacker – Aussie Girl & English Boy Travelling
Autumn Aquarius Adventures – Adventures and Dreams of a Girl that Travels

— B —

Backpack ME – India meets Portugal & Sets Off to Travel the World
Backpacking Africa For Beginners – Traveling In Africa For the First Time
Backpacking Man – Adventure Solo Male Travel Blog
Backpacking Matt – Budget Travel Advice, Inspiration, & Ideas
Backpacking Travel Blog – Overseas Abroad Adventures
A Backpacker’s Tale – Hitting the Road Bumps so You Don’t Have To
Bacon is Magic – Culinary Travel Sit About the Best Food Around the World
The Barefoot Nomad – Travel, Tech, Family & Fun
BBQ Boy – Travels of BBQ Boy & Spanky
Become Nomad – Long Term Travel & Digital Nomad Lifestyle
Be My Travel Muse – Off-Beat Solo Female Adventure Travel
Be on the Road – Travel & Photography Blog
Bearfoot Theory – Exploring the Best in the West
Bel Around the World – Travel Resources & Inspiration for Millennial Travelers
Belize Adventure Travel – Travel in Belize
Birdwinks – Speaking Positive Stories from Wandering the World
Blissful Guro – Adventures Of A Public School Teacher
The Blog Abroad – Chronicles of an Adventure Junkie
The Blonde Abroad – Hopelessly in Love with the World.. and Bikinis!
Blue Sky Traveler – GenX Travel Blog
Bohemian Trails – Global Art & Culture for the Avant-Garde Traveler
The Boho Chica – Cultures, Cuisines & Hiking Trails
Borders of Adventure – Destination Inspiration with a Social & Cultural Twist
Breathe Dream Go – India Oriented
Breathe With Us – Cultural & Nature Travel Adventures
Bren On The Road – Travel More, Spend Less, Enjoy Life
Bridges & Balloons – Digital Nomad Tales, Tips and Inspiration
A Brit and A Southerner – Explore the World One Weekend at the Time
The Broke Backpacker – Traveling the World on the Cheap
A Broken Backpack – Budget Backpacking & Long Term Travel
Bucket List Journey – List Worthy Experiences From Around The World
Bunch Of Backpackers – Extraordinary Adventures and Travel Advice
Bucket List Publications – Travel, Adventure, and New Experiences

— C —

Camels & Chocolate – Female Tales from a Travel Addict
Candice Does the World – Personal Stories of Misadventure & Debauchery
Changes in Longitude – Field-Tested Travel Tips
Captain & Clark – Adventurous Lovebirds with Severe Cases of Wanderlust
Caroline in the City  – Escaping the Expectations of the ‘Real World’
Casual Travelist – Balance a Full-Time Career With my Love of Travel
A Capricious Compass – Experiences From the Road, Unique Activities and Yum Food
Castaway with Crystal – Alternative Lifestyle with Budget Green Travel
Celebrate the Weekend – Boston-Based Family Travel & Leisure Blog
Charlie on Travel – Sustainable Slow Travel
Chasing Departures – Teaching English in Japan
Chasing The Donkey – Travel Croatia Like a Local
Chasing the Unexpected – The World Beyond the Guidebook
The Cheeky Traveler – Travel Like A King
Cheryl Howard – European Travel & Expat Life for Women
Chronicles In Wonderland – Tales Of Traveling
Claire’s Itchy Feet – Solo Female Travel Blog
Confessions of a Scorpio – Travel Blog with a Touch of Love, Lust & Food
Couple’s Coordinates – Couples Travel Blog
Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler – Crazy Travel, Fun Adventures & Sexy Photos
Cultureur – On the Cusp of Luxury Travel and Local Culture
Curb Free with Cory Lee – The World from a Wheelchair User’s Perspective

— D —

A Dangerous Business – One Ordinary Girl, Life’s Extraordinary Adventures
Darling Escapes – Female Travels
David’s Been Here – Leave Your Mark on the World
Discovering Legacies – Adventure Travel and Everything Floating
Dish Our Town – Traveling the World, One Dish at the Time With a Kid
Disrupting the Rabblement – Waging War on Thoughtless Living
Divergent Travelers – Life is Either a Daring Adventure or Nothing at All
Don’t Forget To Move – Travel Deeper For Cheaper
Drifter Planet – A Backpacker Couple
Drink Tea Travel – Canadian Couple on a Mission to Build a Sustainable Lifestyle
Dutch Dutch Goose – Family Friendly Travel & Expat Lifestyle in Europe

— E —

Earth’s Attractions – Travel guides, tips and news
EarthXplorer – Travel Photography & Video Blog
Eat Like a Girl – Food From Around the World by a Solo Female
Embolden Adventures – Encouraging Travel Around the World
Emelie’s Travels – Adventures, Travel Stories and Photography
Escaping Abroad – Escaped a Busy U.S. lifestyle to Travel the World
eTramping – Traveling the World on $25 a Day
Etsy Explores – Slow Travel and Off the Path Adventures
Erika’s Travels – Budget Blog Covering Off-the-Beaten Path Destinations
Euriental – Luxury Travel & Style
European Diaries  – Exploring Cultures, Places, Food and History in Europe
Event Traveller – Featuring Events
Every Steph – Green & Glamorous Travel & Lifestyle
Everything Zany – Photography & Lifestyle of Dual Citizen
Explorista – Female Travel. Digital Nomad
Exsplore – Best Camping and Hiking Trips
Eye & Pen – Inspired Travel

— F —

Fab Meets World – UK Travel & Food Blogger
Faith’s Travels – Budget Travel With a Mom and a Down Syndrome Sister
The Family Without Borders – Biggest European Family Travel Blog
The Fashion Matters – Source of Inspiration to Travel in Style
Finding the Universe – Travel Tales, Photography, & a Dash of Humor
A Feeder Travels – Food Fueled Adventures Around the Globe
Feet Do Travel – Experience Incorporating Scuba Diving, Wildlife & Photography
Feet on the Map – Focus on Himalayas, Offbeat Journeys, Responsible Travels
Ferreting Out the Fun – Adventurous Spirit. Open Mind. More Fun.
Five Adventurers – A Family of 5, Who Love to Explore the World
Flashpacker Family – Traveling with the Family of 4
Fleeting Life – Lifestyle hacks, travel deals, destinations and money tips
Flip Nomad – Travelling Does Not Need to be Expensive
Floating My Boat – Solo Female Outdoors & Photography
Fluent in 3 Months – Travel & Learn Languages
The Fly Away Life – All About Encouraging Women to Pursue Their Passion
Food Travelist – Ambassadors of World Food Tourism
Footloose Dev – All about budget and adventure travel experiences
Fotostrasse – Travel Blog by Berlin based Brazilian Couple
For Two, Please – A Blog for Food Lovers and Adventure Seekers
Former Tourist – Engaging Travel Folks
From Ice to Spice – Tales of Two Icelanders
1 Fun Girl Travels – A Penchant for the Offbeat

— G —

Gaijin Crew – A Minimalist Travel Blog
Gallop Around the Globe – Independent and Cultural Exploration on a Budget
Gap Year Escape – Inspiration to escape the ordinary
Getting to Nowhere – Adventure Cycling Around the World
Getting Stamped – Figuring Out Life One Stamp at a Time
Go Backpacking – Around the World Travel Blog
Go See Write – Overland Travel Adventures
Geeky Explorer – Travel Geek Sharing The Best Value
Give into Adventure – Mountains, Hiking, Outdoor Adventure
Global Brunch – Urban Adventures and Exploring the Great Outdoors
Global Grasshopper – Travel Photography, Tips and Inspiration
Globo Treks – It’s all out there. Step outside.
Globetrotter Girls – 2 Girls. 1 Globe. No Regrets.
Globetrotter Guru – Solo Female Traveller, Helping You to Earn Online
Globetrotting Mama – See the World. Build A Life. Bring Your Family.
The Girl and Globe -Adventure, SightDoing, and Other Hands-On Experiences
Girl Goes To – Travel, Lifestyle and Food with Some Beauty Thrown in For Good Measure
Girl Gone Travel – Travel Inspiration for Friends, Family, and Lovers.
Girl Out Of Bounds – Girl Hunting UNESCO World Heritage Sites
The Girl with the Map Tattoo – Solo Female Travel and Expat Life
Girl vs Globe – Stylish female travel and lifestyle
Goats on the Road – Turning Travel Into Lifestyle
Gomad Nomad – Travel Mag for Independent Travelers
Go – The Travel Podcast
Green Global Travel – Ecotourism & Nature/Wildlife Conservation
Grown-Up Travel Guide – Helping You Change a Backpack for a Suitcase
Grrrl Traveler – Imperfect Adventures of a Solo Traveler
Grumpy Camel -A Travel Blog About Food, Culture and Adventure

— H —

Half This World Away – Luxury Travel Blog
Happy Frog Travels – Don’t Be A Tourist, Be A Traveller
Happy to Wander – Practical Advice on Balancing Travel with Real Life
Haute Fashion – Travel Blog About Textiles, Tribes and Traditional Dress
Heart My Backpack – Backpacking Off the Beaten Path
Heart of Everywhere – Your Guide to Discover the Portuguese Hidden Gems
Heather On Her Travels – Travel Inspiration & Destination Information
Hecktic Travels – No Possessions. No Plans. Just Travel.
Helen in Wonderlust – Life is an Adventure. Live It!
Her Coffee Diaries – Nw Blog About Budget Travel As a Student
Hippie in Heels – A Glamorous Travel Blog Mostly About India
Hole in the Donut – Epic Adventures at an Affordable Price
HollyDayz -Travel Experiences, Tips, Food, Reviews
HoneyTrek – World’s Longest Honeymoon

— I —

I Am Aileen – Lifestyle & Travel Blog
In Due Time – Travel, Fertility, Fitness
I Luv 2 Glove Trot – A Travel Site Focusing on Stories of Trotting the Globe
In My Suitcase – Travelling As a Freelance Digital Nomad
Indefinite Adventure – Guides from a Gay, Vegan, Digital Nomad Couple
India Travel Blog – Travel Bloggers from India
Indie Traveller – Inspiration & Honest Advice for Independent Travellers
Inside the Travel Lab – Unusual Journey & Luxury
I Share These – Offbeat Locations, Food and Culture from India
I Should Log Off – Family Travels
Interlude Journey – Blogzine for Tips and Itineraries For People to Get Out and Explore
Island Girl in-Transit – Travel Blog Specializing in Caribbean Destinations
Infinite Juice – Driving Along the Pan-American Highway

— J —

Jack and Jill Travel – World Travelers & Climbers
A Jaunt with Joy – Outdoor Tips, Wildlife Conservation and Getting Into Nature
Jessie on a Journey – Taking you Beyond the Guidebook
Jet Set Brunette – Escape the Ordinary
Jet Set Citizen – Interviews with Real People Pursuing Remarkable Lives
Jet Set Chick – Travel, Food & Lifestyle Blog
Joey L – Photos from the Road
Johnny Jet – Travel Deals
Jon is Travelling – The Light (and sometimes dark) Side of Travel
Jones Around the World – Global Adventures & Music Festivals
Journalist on the Run – Stories of Solo Adventures
Journey of Wonders – Culture & Adventure Travel Blog
Journey To Design – Travelling from a Designer’s Perspective
Journeys with Jessica – Travel Blog Focused on UK & European City Breaks
Joy and Journey – Female Expat Life and Exploration
Just Go Places – Cultural, Luxury and Family Travel
Justin Goes Places – Solo Male Travel Blog
Just One Way Ticket – A Travel and Lifestyle Blog
Just Travelous – A Bilingual Travel Blog

— K —

Kaleidoscopic Wandering – Stories & Contemplations
Kami and the Rest of the World – Solo Female & Off the Path Alternative Culture
Karolina Patryk – Couple Travel & All Inclusive Life
Katrinka Abroad – Capturing Culture with Analogue Photography
Keep Calm & Travel – One Girl, One World, One Adventure.
Ken Kaminesky – Travel Photography

— L —

Lady and the Tramper – Long Term Travelers from the UK Looking For a Sense of Adventure
Land Lopers – Exploring the World. One Adventure at a Time.
Lash World Tour – Cultural Insights, Travel Tips, and Adventure
Lavin Was Here – Female Backpacker and Adventure Travel
Learning Escapes – Family Travel Blog About Cultural Travel with Kids and International Home Swapping
A Life of More – Travel Often, Live Simply, Be Happy
A Little Adrift – Journey Toward Knowledge & Perspective
Live, Dream, Discover – Travel and Lifestyle Blog With a Focus on Achieving a Healthy Balance At Home and Abroad
Live Share Travel – Liberating luxury for the smart traveller
Longest Way Home – Going Beyond Travel
Love and London – Expat Life in London
Lee Abbamonte – The Youngest American to Visit All Countries in the World
Local Adventurer – Exploring New Cities
Location 180 – Work from Anywhere
The Lost Backpack – Getting Lost is Half the Fun
Lost With Purpose – Backpacking Off The Beaten Path in Eurasia
Love Adventures – Dream Less, Adventure More
Love & Road – We Travel, We Live, We Love
Luggage Tags and Ticket Stubs – Travel & journalism adventures
Lulu Meets World – Fashion & Travel
Luxury Backpack – A Travel hub Dedicated to Luxurious, Awe-Inspiring Travels on a Shoestring Budget

— M —

Maiden Voyage Travel – Travel for 20 Somethings
Make Time to See the World – Destination Guides and Awesome Experiences for Time Poor Travellers
Mallory on Travel – Making Every Day an Adventure
Man on the Lam – Shake the Shackles, Escape through Travel
Man vs. Clock – Putting a Time Limit on Fear
Mapping Megan – Adventure Travel Couple
Maria Abroad – Culture, Food and Craft Beer
Matt Gibson – Outdoors Adventure Travel Writer & Photographer
Microadventure Family – Travel Adventures In Your Backyard
Midlife Road Trip – Food Travel Adventure
Midnight Blue Elephant – Travel Stories, Luxury, Solo Travel
Migrationology – Ultimate Food Blog
Miles and Smiles Away – Travel Photography and Hotel Reviews
The Mind of Court – Life & Adventures of an Expat
The Mindful Mermaid – Insider Tips While Simultaneously Encouraging Others to Travel and Live Mindfully
Mindful Travel by Sara – Travel & Photography Around the World
Minority Nomad – Adventure & Culture Travel
Mint Notion – Travel and Personal Finance Blog Empowering Women to Make Better Choices
Multiculuriosity – Exploring Food Traditions Through Travel
Muslim Travelers – Experience The World As A Traveler
My Faces and Places – For matured travellers who are discerning in their choice and enjoy comfort with luxury
My Feet are Meant to Roam – Slow Travel and Responsible Tourism
My One Big Planet – Created to Inspire the Wanderlust in All of You to Travel
My Peace Love Life Blog – A Hippie Lifestyle Blog About Travel, Fashion & Making the World More Fun
My Tan Feet – Making Travel Fun & Worry Free
My Travel Affairs – Crazy Polish Girl on her Adventure One Country at the Time

— N —

NatalyG – Lifestyle Blog – Travel, Food, Fashion and Life in London
Natpacker – Backpacking With Nat
Nattie on the Road – Travel Stories and Road Tested Tips and Tricks
A Nerd at Large – The Geektastic Travel Blog
Never Ending Footsteps – Traveller, writer and walking disaster
Never Ending Voyage – Life is Short and the World is Large
The Next Somewhere – Life’s a Journey
Nicole Buzzing – Lifestyle and Travel Blog from a Canadian Girl’s Perspective
Nomad Revelations – Travel Blog & Adventures
Nomadic Samuel – Best of Every Place
Nomadical Sabbatical – A Nomad’s Musings on Long-Term Travel
Not Quite Indiana Jones – Fitness Travel Blog
Notes From The Road – Travel, Blogging and More

— O —

1 Dad, 1 Kid – One Crazy Adventure. Giving my Kid the World.
Off With The Kids – Family Travel Blog
Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers – Travel photography and Adventures Around the World
Once in a Lifetime Journey – Onlien Destination for Luxury and Offbeat Travel
One Step 4Ward – Dream Big, Travel Far, Live Full
One Way One World – travel guides, photography & fashion
Oneika the Traveller – Only Question is Where to Next?
Ordinary Traveler – Adventure Travel Blog
Our Awesome Planet – Filipino Food Blog
Out of Town Blog – Online Magazine with Travel News
Owl Over the World – Travel More & Worry Less

— P —

Packs Light – Travel Young and Pack Light
Paper Planes & Caramel Waffles – Travels for Those Who Love Beaches & Outdoors
The Paradise Blogger – Exploring the World’s Best Beaches, Islands, Waterfronts
The Passport Lifestyle – Photography for Travelers
Pause The Moment – travel guides and resources
Petite Adventures – Part-Time Travel and Living the Expat Life
The Pink Backpack – Female Travel and Adventure Blog Featuring Photography
Pinoy Adventurista – Adventure Blog of a Filipino Male
PhilaTravelGirl – Affordable Luxury Solo Travel with a Side of Points
The Planet D – Adventure Travel Couple
Planit NZ – Budget Travel Guide for New Zealand
Points & Travel – Where Luxury Travel & Value Intersect
The Poor Traveler – Traveling at Any Cost
Postcards from the World – Travel and Expat Life Blog With an Involvement of the Readers
Practical Wanderlust – A Down to Earth Approach to Having Your Head in the Clouds
Pretravels – Your Journey Begins Here

— R —

Rachel Nicole – Mix of Fashion and Travel
Real World Runaway – Professional Avoider of the Real World
The Restless Worker – Part-Time Travel for Professional
Rexy Edventures – Adventures of Handsome Backpacker
The Road Dog Blog – Travel, Hiking, and Outdoors
Roads & Kingdoms – Travel, Photography, Food
Rob Greenfield – Inspiring a Happy, Healthy Earth
Roaming Required – Traveling on Weekends, Short Breaks and Rationing Annual Leave
The Roaming Street – A Young Female Traveller in Africa
Roaming the Americas – Responsible, Sustainable, Ethical Travel
Roar Loud – Adventure Travel Blog Based Out of New England
Rolling Fox – Resource for Camping and Hiking with a Focus on Actionable Advice
Runaway Brit – International Teacher Trying to Find a Place to Call Home
The Rover – Travel, People, and Culture

— S —

Sabrina Andrea Sachs – Minimalist and Meaningful Travels From a Former Londoner
Sailing with Totem – A Family’s Nomadic Journey
The Savvy Backpacker – Europe on a Budget
The Savvy Globetrotter – Travel Smarter
Scrapbook Journeys -Exploring the Hidden Gems in Kenya and Beyond
Screw the Average – Be An Outlier
Seasalt Secrets – A Former Australian Expat Now Back in America
Silks Road and Beyond – Adventures of Carly
Silverspoon London – Luxury Travel & Food Blog
Simply Travelled – Travel Tales
Six Year Gap Year – Solo and Long-Term Budget Travel
She Goes Global – Solo Mindful Travel for the Modern Woman
The Shooting Star – A Girl Who Travels
Skinny Backpacker – Step Into the Real World
Snow in Tromso – Life & Travels in Scandinavia
Solitary Wanderer – Tales and Tips from Solo Female Traveler
Solo Traveler Blog – Solo Tips and Stories
A Speck In Time – With A Curious Mind & Wandering Heart
Steph the Wayward Pilgrim – Wandering the World, One Dream at the Time
Stop Having a Boring Life – Travel blog and vlog for people who want to chase their dreams
StreetTrotter – Travel & Lifestyle Touching a Meaning of Life
Sugar and Stamps – A SF Based Travel and Food Blog
Suitcase & Heels – Adventures of a Value-Conscious, Style-Minded Traveller
Sunkissed Suitcase – Luxury & Adventure Blog Focusing on South-East Asia
Sunset Travellers – Travelling the World One Sunset at a Time
Sunshine Seeker – Budget Travel Guides & Tips
Swedish Nomad – Every Day is An Adventure

— T —

Tales From a Fork – Travel and Lifestyle Blog for the Foodie
The Tales of a Traveler – Luxury Travel, Offbeat Locations and Road Trips
Tapped Out Traveller – Exploring Europe with the Little Ones and Daily Military Life
Teacake Travels – A Kickass and Honest Solo Female Travel Blog
Teaching Traveling – Stories to Help more Teachers Travel
That Wanderlust – Travel Blog with Captivating Stories
There & Back Again – Extraordinary Travel for Extraordinary People
There She Goes Again – Slow, Stylish Travel
Think Elysian – Lifestyle Blog for Stylish Travelers
This Battered Suitcase – Travel Opinions, Fashion, and Lifestyle
This FP Planet – Budget Traveller Trying to Escape the 9-5
The Thought Card – Make Travel a Financial Priority
Time Travel Turtle – go beyond the brouchure
Tofu Traveler – Solo Travel and Finding Cultural Experiences
The Toronto Seoulcialite – Life as an Expat in Korea
Trails Unblazed – Outdoor Adventures in Lesser Known Destinations
Trans-Americas Journey – Road Tripping the Americas
Trav Monkey – Travel Addict Living in London
Travel and Keep Fit – Travel and Healthy Lifestyle Blog
Travel Babbo – Take Your Kids Everywhere
The Travel Bite – Food Travel Fun
Travel, Books and Food – Female Solo Travel and Food Experiences
Travel Break – Connecting Travelers
Travel Dudes – For Travelers, By Travelers
Travel. Experience. Live. – Travel Experiences & Photography
The Travel Hack – Affordable Luxury, Weekend Breaks and Traveling with Babies
Travel Junkie Julia – Journey of Adventurous Solo Female
Travel Made Simple – Overcome the Hurdles that Keep You from Traveling
The Travel Mamas – Explore the World with Kids
Travel Passionate – Around Greece & Beyond
Travel Squire – Travel Therapist
The Travel Tart – Offbeat Tales of Travel Addict

Travel To The Next – Couple Travel, Budget Travel, Local Travel Experiences and Stories

Travel with the Smile – Adventure Travel Blog Focusing on Outdoors
Travel with Bender – Family Travel Blog
Travel With Bird – Our Travel Impressions
Travel Yourself – a world travellers web series
Traveling 9 to 5 – Get Out from Behind Your Desk
Traveling Colognian – Off the Beaten Path Travels & Visiting Popular Places
Traveling Honeybird – Eat Well, Travel Often, Drink Coffee
The Traveling Squid – Traveling Awakens the Dreams in Us
Traveling Weasels – German and British Couple Travel the World Slowly
The Traveller World Guide – Guide to Balancing Tequilla and Travel
The Traveller’s Guide By #ljojlo – Aussie Couple Set to Embark on a Journey
Travelling King – Australian Blog on Travel, Finance & Everyday Ramblings
Travellous World – Stories About London and Travel from Local Perspective
Treksplorer – Smarter Urban Travel in Two Weeks or Less
TripHackr – Travel Hacking for the Non-Travel Hacker
True Nomads – Diving Blog
The Trvl Blog – Budget Travel Blog
Two Bad Tourists – Peer-to-Peer Travel Tips & Round-the World Adventures
Two Birds Breaking Free – shoestring Budget Adventure Travel
Two Find A Way – Young Couple’s Travel Adventure Through Life
Two Monkeys Travel – Sustaining a Life of Travel
Two Scots Abroad – Full-time Workers with a Life-Long Travel Habit
Typing To Taipei – Your One Stop Taipei Guide

— U —

Uncharted Backpacker – Traveling To Uncharted Destinations
Uncornered Market – Travel Wide, Live Deep
Universal Traveller – Luxury Adventure Travel
Un Poco de Sur – Adventure, Budget and Slow Travel
Untold Morsels – Travel Inspiration with Culture, Food and Family in Mind

— V —

Vagabond3 – A Family Travel Blog for Adventure Lovers
Vagrants of the World – Inspiration & Ideas for Lovers of Travel Through Slow Travel
Veronika’s Adventure – Best Adventures from Asia and Europe
Voyage dy Vinec – Sailing the World with a Hen

— W —

Walkaboot – Adventure Travel Blog for Wild Hearted
Walk About Wanderer – Help Budget Backpackers and Squeeze the Most Out of the World
Wander the Map – Adventure Travel Couple
Wander Your Way – Learning to Get Off the Beaten Path in Europe
Wandering On – Couple’s Adventure Travel
Wandering Soul’s Wander Tales – Travel and Photography
Wandering Redhead – Traveling the World While Working Full-Time as a Nurse
Wandering Trader – Design Your Tomorrow
Wanderer of the World – Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Wanderers
WanderLuce – Travel Blog for Stylish Female Travelers
Wanderlustingk – Adventure and Off the Beaten Path Travel Guides
Wanderlust Chloe – Stylish Travel Blog for Solo Travelers
The Wanderlust Effect – Inspiring Destinations for Global Citizens
A Wanderlust for Life – Expat and European Travel Blog
Wanderlust Logs – Caution is No Virtue in the Young
Wanderlusters – Live for Adventure
The Wayfarer’s Book – Beyond Paris, Miami and Bangkok
Wayfaring Rachel – Travel, Fashion, Wellness for Bold Women
We Travel Around the World – Photos & Interviews from Around the World
We’re The Russos – RV Living & Van Life
What About Her – Personal Storytelling About Traveling
What Boundaries – Live Your Dream, Find Your Inspiration
What’s Dave Doing? – Living the Travel Dream
Where in the World is Rebecca Today? – life as an immigrant, recipes, & living far away from family
Where is Next – Travel, Food & Adventure While Holding a 9-5
Where is Tara – Affordable Luxury, Adventure, Art & Culture
While I’m Young and Skinny – Expat Life in Dubai and Travel All Over the World
Who Needs Maps – Making Long Distance Relationship Work Through Travels
Wild About Travel – Travel Tales by Solo Addict
Wild Junket – Travel Light, Travel Far
Will Fly For Food – Exploring the World Through Food
The Wrong Way Home – Ultimate Guide to Long Term Travelies and Local Culture
World As I See It – Canadian Gal Exploring Europe & Her Backyard of Ontario
The World in a Weekend – Exploring the World One Weekend at a Time
World in Paris – Off the Beaten Path Sights and Budget Travels in Paris
The World Incorporated – Travels Fueled by Weekends and Vacation Days
A World to Travel – Unique Travel Experiences
The World Pursuit – Travel Different
World Of Wanderlust – Living out of a suitcase because home is wherever you rest your head
World on a Whim – The Perfectionist’s Guide to Spontaneous Travel

— Y —

You Could Travel – Adventure Seekers and Japan Lovers
Young Adventuress – Solo Female Travel Blog
Yomadic – Wanderlust commune

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