Greece Travel: Top Places to Visit in Greece

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Greece is a country with a rich and extended history. It has been the region for many developments of Greek society, myths and the wide Christian religion in this world. It is easy to find fun in every new Greek place you go to because it has been prepared to welcome you. It has endless fun activities ranging from sight-seeing amazing features, learning some useful facts and having a nice place to hang out with friends and family. Delphi is one of the places to visit in Greece. It houses many attractive and memorable sites that are significant to the global society. Discover the ancient culture of the Greek by reaching out to the old ruins at an area that was once a large urban center.

The mighty Aegean kissing its shores, ancient Greek ruins telling the tales of its bygone glory, and enigmatic sunsets drenching its coasts; fascination for Greece is unavoidable and understandable…

The fabled land of Socrates, Plato and Hercules have always captivated human being kind using its classical thoughts, architecture, culture, politics and a penchant for drama. This charming nation is constantly on the intrigue us using its charm.

There is certainly more to Greece than it’s mighty Acropolis overlooking the town of Athens, sunlight romancing the blue-painted roofs of Santorini, as the sun never set in Mykonos! Come too early July, Greece is the most trending destination in the Mediterranean. So, pack your handbags, book your seat tickets, to check out the top things you can do in Greece:

The Acropolis

It really is hard to assume Greece with no Acropolis. Situated on the rocky boulder above the town of Athens, the historic citadel is a full-time income testimony of Greek structures and it’s traditional civilization. One will discover ancient structures, the most well-known being the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena, focused on the famous Greek Goddess of wisdom, craft, and war. The temple of Parthenon, the citadel and all the structures have withstood the test of time and are a genuine work of Greek architectural marvel.


The whitewashed buildings with blue-painted roofs will be the trademark of Santorini. Vacationers flock this specific jewel of the Aegean because of its volcanic dark sand beaches, the impressive scenery of the ancient Caldera, and the poetic sunsets that are a spectacle to watch. Fishing in Santorini should also be in your bucket-list of things to do while in Greece. You can sail around the caldera in a traditional boat, enjoy a bit of fishing, and savor the local delicacies.

Mount Olympus

Those deemed physically fit must try the adventure tour of Mount Olympus. It is a six-hour tour starting from the historic village of Dion. One is not required to be a professional climber, the guides will help you climb, rappel, and instruct all essential skills necessary for the ascent. The picturesque surroundings make your time and effort worth it.


While in Mykonos, it is hard to miss celebrations of high repute and wallow in the glitz and glamour of the island. However, there is certainly more to do in this impressive place. Vacationers, who like a good hike, may take the trekking tour of Mykonos and explore the island and view it from a different standpoint.

Meteora Monasteries

Meteora, located close to the town of Kalambaka, has high cliffs that house Christian Orthodox monasteries built between 14th and 16th generations. These awe-inspiring constructions are not readily available, you have to climb up numerous rock steps carved into stones to experience a global which is totally unique and enthralling. A perfect move to make while in Greece for individuals who like to put in a dash of experience with their trip.


Durable mountains to wonderful beach locations, the island of Crete fulfills all of your travel needs. Nevertheless, horseback riding in the mountains of Crete is altogether a different experience. The wonder and panorama of the Finikia and Giouchtas mountains can be best explored on horseback. The friendly manuals will make sure the trip is comfortable and a memorable one. The focus on of the tour is the view of Giouchtas – a hill regarded as the resting host to the Greek God Zeus.

Ancient Messini

The remains of the ancient city of Messini might not receive the horde of vacationers when compared with Olympia and Epidavros, but it generally does not fail to amuse its visitors. Ancient Messini has the Agora, a large theatre, the vast Sanctuary of Asclepius, and a stadium – the most intact and striking of all the ancient Greek stadiums in the country.

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