10 Best European Destinations for 2018

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There are quite a few European destinations for people to choose from and it can be difficult for anyone to choose the one that will be the best for their next vacation.

Here are the 10 best European destinations for 2018:

Porto, Portugal

This city is full of history, adventure, culture, architecture, and delicious cuisine that will melt in everyone’s mouth. Many people go there to walk along the River Douro and see the Palacio de Bolsa. Along the streets, visitors will find restaurants, bars, and markets that are waiting to be enjoyed.

Milan, Italy

This modern city has museums, palaces, and churches that are full of Duomo marble. Most people will love the energy that fills the air amongst all the elegance and luxurious fashion shopping destinations.

Gdansk, Poland

This unique location has never been replicated anywhere else in the world. Gdansk has plenty of mysteries, yet it has a lot of spirit that has turned it into the vacation destination everyone dreams of.

Athens, Greece

The past and the present can be found within Athens and that is what makes it such a popular destination for those who want to experience both during their vacation. The Acropolis looms high above the city, and new art galleries are popping up everywhere. Since this city has existed for more than 3,500 years, it is not a surprise that it is always trying to keep up with the new modern ways of the rest of the world.

San Sebastian, Spain

It is all about the culture and cuisine in San Sebastian, although La Concha Bay, which is a shell shaped bay, is also inviting. The culture of this area has been shared through the numerous festivals that are held during the year. No one can visit San Sebastian and not eat as much of the delicious cuisine as possible.

Sozopol, Bulgaria

This is the oldest town in Bulgaria, as it was founded in 610 B.C. The town is like a museum as the structures are from different centuries and many of them have been carefully preserved.

Vienna, Austria

Representative buildings, parks, and palaces can be found lining Vienna’s Ringstrasse, which has been turned into a modern boulevard that everyone can enjoy. Younger visitors will want to stop at the Ring along the Danube Canal, where there is an amazing urban bar scene.

Stari Grad, Croatia

This destination can be found on the island of Hvar in the country of Croatia and it recently marked 2,400 years as a city. This preserved area has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Basel, Switzerland

Basel is considered a cultural capital, due to the forty museums that can be found there. Everyone will be able to find at least one museum that has something that they love looking at. Most people arrive in Basel for the Art Basel, which is the most important contemporary art fair in the world.

Madrid, Spain

This capital city of Spain offers both entertainment and culture along with some fascinating attractions. This city is quite lively, especially at night after the sun has set, but everyone will also be able to relax when they are there.

These are some of the best European destinations for 2018, but everyone may have their own favorite at the top of their list.


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